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Artefacts, Types, Contact etc.are organised in packages.

E.g., a model named MyModel might be located in a package com/example/MyModel, and therefore in a corresponding wiki page named Artefact:Model/com/example/MyModel. Similarly, a contact might be located in com/example/OurCEO and on a wikipage Contact:Person/com/example/OurCEO.

In both cases, the wikipage is, technically speaking, on a subpage. Subpages are separated by slashes. Therefore, our logical package com/example corresponds to wiki subpages .../com/example/....

Now what happens if someone enters just Artefact:Model/com/example, or Artefact:Model/com? Then, simply, a nonexisting page is addressed and the user gets a corresponding "no such page" message.

But on the other hand it is very desirable to have those pages, to allow browsing of our wiki. Unfortunately, the wiki does not create automatically nonexisting parent pages, so we have to do it ourselves (maybe we - or you? - develop a mediawiki extension to this automatically). But at least it is possible to list all subpages automatically. Here's how to do it. (Learn more about namespaces)

Remark: you may have noted that the corresponding namespace exists twice: once in the Artefact:Model namespace and once in the Contact:Person namespace. So, if we have created the parent pages for MyModel, for another Model com/sphenon/MyModel2, we do not need to create these parent pages again, but for our contact we have to do it.