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Structure of the OOModels Wiki (Namespaces)[edit]

Page names in mediawikis follow the general mediawiki schema:

    WikiNamespacePrefix : page [ / subpage / subpage ... / FinalSubPage ]

The WikiNamespacePrefix categorises the content in a fundamental manner, while the page/subpage-structure provides a finer organisation of the content.

Please note:

  • reverse domains are written in lowercase with characters including a-z, 0-9 and the underscore
  • FinalSubPage is written in CamelCase with characters including A-Z, a-z, 09 and the underscore

Specificlally, no spaces are allowed, neither in reverse domains nor in the FinalSubPage

The nature of the information stored in OOModels requires more organisational structure than a dictionary like Wikipedia. To support this, the following namespaces are provided:

Namespace Description Subpages
-- none -- General articles, overviews, organisational information and alike no
Domain: reverse domain
Artefact: artefact type plus reverse domain
Type: reverse domain
Namespace: reverse domain
Product: reverse domain
Contact: contact type plus reverse domain
OOModels: Technical wiki pages (eg css) no
Help: no
Category: no