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Reserved for items that directly relate to the oomodels wiki, like e.g. types of pages.

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Bundles define a set of oomodels artefacts. They are used for packaging purposes. Typically, a bundle is used as a compilation unit of related artefacts that result in some software component.


Besides Metadata and free text, bundle pages contain artefact lists and optionally mappings.

Artefact Lists[edit]

Syntactically these are normal lists, prefixed with a star. E.g.

* Artefact 1
* Artefact 2
* ...

Artefacts are referenced by normal wiki links. E.g.

* [[Artefact:Model/org/oomodels/Class01]]
* [[Artefact:Model/org/oomodels/Class02]]
* ...

Alternatively, one may refer to a specific revision of an artefact page, like this:

* {{Revision|Artefact:Model/org/oomodels/Class01|1234}}
* {{Revision|Artefact:Model/org/oomodels/Class02|5678}}
* ...

where 1234 and 5678 are the respective revision numbers. Moreover, artefact lists can refer to packages

* [[Artefact:Model/org/oomodels/package01]]
* [[Artefact:Model/org/oomodels/package02]]
* ...

In this case, all direct childs of the named packages are included within the bundle. And finally, artefact lists can refer to other bundles:

* [[Artefact:Bundle/org/oomodels/Bundle01]]
* [[Artefact:Bundle/org/oomodels/Bundle02]]
* ...

Like with packages, all contents of the named bundles are then included within this bundle.


Mappings allow to relocate artefacts into different packages as within oomodels. They are specified as numered lists:

# mapping 1
# mapping 2
# ...

A mapping is a pair of two packages, separated by a colon. E.g.:

# org/oomodels/package1 : my/different/path1
# org/oomodels/package2 : my/different/path2
# ...

Such mappings have to be applied to all artefacts as well as all included artefacts when bundles are used by some software.